Eddie Baird


Eddie Baird is a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist with long established English acoustic group ‘Amazing Blondel’ who first became popular in  the 1970’s touring with bands such as Free, Fairport Convention, Traffic, Steeleye Span, Cat Stevens and many more.

Amazing Blondel reformed in 1997 to record an album ‘Restoration’ and toured regularly in the UK and Europe until 2004.

In early 2009 Eddie began working with John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick who had provided keyboard services for Blondel on some of their early albums. Eddie provided lyrics and vocals on several new Bundrick-penned tracks, which were then mixed at SmallCog Studios. Several of these tracks are available as a download ‘Bundrick/ Baird sessions’ in our shop.

A new Blondel album ‘The Amazing Elsie Emerald’ featuring Eddie and Terry Wincott, together with guest appearances from Rabbit Bundrick, Les Wilson, Darryl Ebbatson and Claire Wincott was released in 2010 on Talking Elephant Records.

Eds second solo album ‘Also’ was released in 1998 on CD and his third ‘Abbey Cottage’ in 2003. A compilation album called simply ‘Compilation’ featuring 16 tracks including 4 new songs was released in 2004. An album, a collaboration with Darryl Ebbatson called ‘Bare Facts’ was released in 2008 and a new solo CD called ‘Exposed’ – a reworking of old songs with new tracks and live recordings was released on Talking Elephant in late 2009.

In late 2016, a new collaboration with Darryl Ebbatson, an album titled ‘Doors’ was released featuring 10 new tracks including the ‘spy thriller’ soundtrack ‘Ninotchka’ which is available to listen to on our ‘Sounds’ page.

Minstrel Cycle - Eddie Baird


‘Minstrel Cycle’ 

A collection of recollections, it’s not your usual bio starting at a tender age and working through his life, it’s memories that pop into his mind along the way, in no particular order!

Presented as a beautiful hardback book with many unseen, full colour photos, this is a great way to see what goes on in Eddie’s head!

Unfortunately this book is currently out of print, however, we are looking to print an updated version of this book in 2021. Keep an eye out for any news on this!

Eddie Baird ‘Also..’ / ‘Abbey Cottage’ 2 for 1 CD

In 2020 SmallCogMUSIC, Eddie and Mike Billington of Epona Records collaborated on a reissue of 2 of Eddies albums ‘Also’ and ‘Abbey Cottage’
The tracks were digitally remastered by Darryl and are presented as a ‘2for1’ CD.

This CD can be ordered directly from Epona Records HERE

For all other Eddie Baird music available in our Shop, please click HERE!

Eddie is once again working with Darryl Ebbatson on new material for a new Ebbatson Baird album which should be available late 2021