Kirsty Hannah

Kirsty is a native of the town of Grimsby and first started singing in the renowned Grimsby Folk Club. She has performed at local festivals and events, been a guest performer at the Cullerlie Traditional Singing Weekend and has appeared at the UK’s foremost traditional festival, Whitby Folk Week.

Known for her ‘clear’ and ‘haunting’ voice, Kirsty is first and foremost an unaccompanied singer. For On the Humber Banks, she is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with local musicians Bob Cuthbertson and Jerry Oakes, who have helped bring her ideas to life.



Kirsty has just released her debut EP, On the Humber Banks. Available HERE in our Shop!

On The Humber Banks CD by Kirsty Hannah

Comprised of four Lincolnshire folk songs, originally collected from local singers by Percy Grainger in the early 1900s, the EP takes old songs and transports them into the here and now.   On The Humber Banks is an atmospheric journey into the history and tales of North Lincolnshire. Combining Kirsty’s pure vocals with harmonium and guitar, it also features a meldodius blackbird who sang from Kirsty’s rooftop, and the waves that crashed onto the Humber shore during Storm Franklin. The result is in an authentic, earthy sound which respects the origins of the songs but takes a fresh look at the stories.

Kirsty says: ‘I spend a lot of time along the River Humber, walking and wondering, and there is a real sense that the old songs are still present here.  I have also conducted a lot of research into the songs and singers, and this EP is just a small selection of my favourites. It is a tribute to those long gone, whose voices ring out from 100 year old phonograph recordings, and I hope you will love the songs as much as I do’.

‘On the Humber Banks’ was produced by Bob Cuthbertson, and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Darryl Ebbatson at SmallCogMUSIC, Scunthorpe.

Harmonium and Guitar – Bob Cuthbertson
Hurdy Gurdy – Jerry Oakes
Cover Photography  – Dean Wilkinson

Kirsty has just started work on her new EP, once again with Bob Cuthbertson and Darryl Ebbatson at SmallCogMUSIC