AS GOOD AS IT GETS – Ebbatson Baird

Their first work since 2016’s ‘Doors’ this album takes some of their favourite tracks over their 20+ year collaboration, along with 2 new tracks and gives them a reworking, incorporating orchestral arrangements, where strings replace guitars and with brass instead of synthesisers. Moody, atmospheric sounds are the name of the game. New instrumental versions of Fiesta and Coming Home reveal previously hidden guitar lines that were recorded but never used on the final releases and epics like Ninochka are given the pomp and ceremonythey deserve!

The CD sleeve is a result of a journey along the East Coast of Lincolnshire taken for potential video opportunities several years ago. Although that project has not come to fruition yet the images remained and seemed apt once the album title was decided.

Presented in a digipack the CD is now available from our shop!

Released 9th December 2023


As Good As It Gets
Paris Lantern
Coming Home
Get A Little Love
Making Tracks
Straight Down
Things Happen
Busy Bee


Eddie Baird: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars
Darryl Ebbatson: Orchestrations, Backing Vocals


John Bundrick: Piano on ‘Straight Down’, Organ on ‘Busy Bee’

Words and Music by Ebbatson Baird
Recorded and Produced at SmallCogSTUDIOS