The Glorious Sins

The Glorious Sins are here!

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The wait is finally over, the new album ‘The Glorious Sins’ arrived today ready for the CCB gig at The Lincoln Imp tomorrow with Matt Owens Music and Ramble Gamble in support of Independent Venue Week. Come down and grab yourself a copy we will have a load with us as well as our Smallcogmusic Sessions EP.

The album is available online HERE and from the band directly at one of their shows or from the Merch stands at Folk Night Live shows. 

‘For this new album we dove into our love for Gothic Americana. We wanted to craft an album that takes a darker look at American folk music and it’s associated themes. We went back into the studio with the idea of stripping the recordings right back to how they would have been made at the time to get the authentic feel of this music to come out on the track. We hope people enjoy the songs and the journey the album takes the listener on. 
Thank you to everyone that has supported us and kept us going through gigs and shows, we love every single last one of you, you are the reason we keep going. Much love 


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