Wroot Rocks vinyl!

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The Wroot Rocks Vinyl & Double CD has arrived!!! Have to say they look absolutely stunning. Many thanks to everyone involved in creating this album. ChrisCooperBand are honoured to have a track included on the album!

They will need a week to get all the orders out in the post, please do keep an eye out next week for the postman/postlady. When it arrives if you can take a photo and post on social media that would be a brilliant help.

Currently they do still have some available to purchase if you would like a Vinyl, CD or Combo? Just message WROOT ROCKS directly or via email at: wrootrocks@gmail.com

Vinyl is £20 plus £5 p&p = £25
Double CD is £12 plus £2.50 p&p = £14.50
Combo is £30 plus £6 p&p = £36

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