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Now I Understand!

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Ramble Gamble say….


Ten years ago, we formed Ramble Gamble, a 3-piece folk-pop cover band with a couple of original songs to our name. One of those songs was ‘NOW I UNDERSTAND’. While different to a lot of what you might hear from us these days, the song set the precedent for what we wanted our music to be, a mashup of upbeat fun and macabre storytelling.

‘NOW I UNDERSTAND’ is a song about finding the one person in life that you truly love; the one person that you want to be with forever; to have and to hold; to marry and to have children with; to cherish and to grow old with… but then you realise that one day that person is going to die…

See? Upbeat fun…

We never released ‘NOW I UNDERSTAND’ but it was an important part of us realising what Ramble Gamble has become today, so we felt that, for our ten year anniversary, it deserved the studio treatment.

This track is now available on all Streaming platforms including:- Spotify and Amazon