Cabaret Surf



The story….

Eddie Tubbs humdrum world turned upside down when his wife walked out. It seemed his life was going the same way as his brother Vanilla, who’d died the year before from drugs and booze.

Quitting his job and running away, the journey to rebuild his shattered life could begin…


Cabaret Surf was a shortlived entity determined to bring the spirit of surf music to the masses. A couple of live dates, a controversial single, hold music and this album are all that remain….

UPDATE 1 – -Summer 2015 and the fragments of the video for ‘White Surfer Boy’ were retrieved and assembled. The resulting video can be seen on our Video page.

UPDATE 2 – A track ‘Summers Gone’ which was not completed in time for the original album is in the process of being recorded with all original band members and will be included on a Deluxe Reissue of the original ‘Music from the Film’ CD next year to mark its 15 th Anniversary. The CD will include a remastered version of the original as well as early demos of the tracks, narration included with the CS Single and the new track ‘Summers Gone’!

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