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NOTHING MUCH TO DO – Flying Shears

  • Release date: March 7, 2016
  • Label: SmallCogMUSIC
  • Catalog #: SCM1017

The debut album by Flying Shears – Darryl Ebbatson’s long envisioned ‘band’ for his solo work while not working with ChrisCooperBand, Amazing Blondel’s Eddie Baird and others!

11 original tracks filled with lush guitars and harmonies – what more do you need?

All songs written by Darryl except for a track originally envisioned for his first band ‘Lakeside Shed’ back in the late 70’s and co-written with drummer Gary Clayton and local writer/poet Francesca Frankish.

Available as a CD exclusively on this site or as a download on iTunes/Amazon or stream on Spotify/Apple Music!

  1. 1

    2nd Guess

  2. 2

    I Don't Want To See You

  3. 3

    Face Value

  4. 4

    The More I Thought About It

  5. 5

    One Man Down

  6. 6

    Lost My Place

  7. 7

    It Doesn't Matter

  8. 8

    Nothing Much To Do

  9. 9

    While You Were Out

  10. 10

    Bring It All Back

  11. 11

    I Hate To Dance