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SPACE TO HULA – Ebbatson Baird

  • Release date: November 1, 2004
  • Label: SmallcogMUSIC
  • Catalog #: DJ1002

Although originally listed as a solo album by Darryl Ebbatson this is in fact a full collaboration between Darryl and Eddie Baird who co-wrote several songs and sang lead vocals on all of them.

Eddie also contributed his distinctive guitar style to great effect on ‘Things Happen’ and ‘Paris Lantern’

Written over several years, the songs take in diverse influences, none more so than the track ‘Futurama’ which takes its inspiration (and audio samples) from the sights and sounds of the 1939 Worlds Fair which also provided the cine footage for the video which accompanies this song and which is available to watch on this website in our Videos section

Released in 2004 this album is now out of print and only available as a digital download.


  1. 1

    Not What I'm Looking For

  2. 2

    Nothing Fits

  3. 3

    Weight of the World

  4. 4

    Down There

  5. 5

    Paris Lantern

  6. 6

    Stopped Me Walking By

  7. 7

    God Bless Those

  8. 8

    Honey for the Queen

  9. 9

    Things Happen

  10. 10

    My One Undoing

  11. 11