Folk Night Live – Live Song Challenge #6

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It’s that time again folks.. it’s the FOLK NIGHT LIVE SONG CHALLENGE #6!!! Every month we give one another a song to cover that the other person wouldn’t choose themselves and then we have to cover said song, and make a video to go with it!!!

This week we have members of

Ramble Gamble
Momma’s Days Are Done
Natural Antagonist

and very special guests

Jonny Bilton musician


Connor Dunk


The Lineup this week is as follows….
Nick Akester – Moonshadow – Cat Stevens Aka Yusuf Islam
Connor Dunk – Find The River – R.E.M
Jonny Lavin – Lucky – Radiohead
Matt Hercock – When You’re Young – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Chris Cooper – Everybody Knows My Name – Harley Poe
Rich Webb – Your Love Gets Sweeter – Finlay Quaye
Slim Joe Jackson – Chase The Devil – Romeo & The Upsetters
Thomas Pogson – I Want To Break Free – Queen
Jonny Bilton – You’re Gorgeous – BabyBird
Sian Hart – Highway Vagabond – Miranda Lambert
Dunc Hedley – Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley
Daz Ebbatson – 10 Out Of 10 – Paolo Nutini
Christopher Logan – House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals
Enjoy the show! See you next month for more Folk Goodness!!!!