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The last C-FAB announcement for today!

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You know that ‘thing’, that weird ‘thing’ which you can’t describe. The ‘thing’ which makes the hairs on your arms stand on end….

Waste of Paint will keep you listening, enthralled in manic story telling served with warm, catchy hooks.

They have found it, that ……. ‘Thing’
The lyrics are brave and unapologetic, laid naked and ready for judgment. The clever instrumentation teases tempts you deeper into the colourful world of Waste of Paint.
Some songs will break you, some will make you. Some will have you scratching your head and tapping your foot at the same time, unsure wether to dance, applaud or just let the music take you.

“A Delirious celebration of music evoking memories of early Bowie, Adventurous & unafraid.”

Waste Of Paint, the architects of these addictive tales have that rare quality. They have that ‘thing’. They have found something in each other which enables them to create music without boundaries. They compliment each other incredibly.
The result is a labour of love, hate, and sceptical nature.
This is a beautiful advert for music.
To not use all this emotion, to let the colours fade into the landscape would simply be a Waste Of Life, Love, Lessons and Paint.


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