Folk Night Live – Live Song Challenge #6

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It’s that time again folks.. it’s the FOLK NIGHT LIVE SONG CHALLENGE #6!!! Every month we give one another a song to cover that the other person wouldn’t choose themselves and then we have to cover said song, and make a video to go with it!!!
This week we have members of Ramble Gamble Chriscooperband Momma’s Days Are Done Natural Antagonist and very special guests Jonny Bilton musician & Connor Dunk!!!!

The Lineup this week is as follows….
Nick Akester – Moonshadow – Cat Stevens Aka Yusuf Islam
Connor Dunk – Find The River – R.E.M
Jonny Lavin – Lucky – Radiohead
Matt Hercock – When You’re Young – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Chris Cooper – Everybody Knows My Name – Harley Poe
Rich Webb – Your Love Gets Sweeter – Finlay Quaye
Slim Joe Jackson – Chase The Devil – Romeo & The Upsetters
Thomas Pogson – I Want To Break Free – Queen
Jonny Bilton – You’re Gorgeous – BabyBird
Sian Hart – Highway Vagabond – Miranda Lambert
Dunc Hedley – Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley
Daz Ebbatson – 10 Out Of 10 – Paolo Nutini
Christopher Logan – House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals

Enjoy the show! See you next month for more Folk Goodness!!!!


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